Social Activities - Shree Somnath Trust

Environment related contribution

Care and concern for nature has always been an integral part of our ancient Indian culture. Shree Somnath Trust engages in tree-plantation drive to fulfil its responsibility towards nature. The aim is to maintain the level of oxygen in the atmosphere by afforestation.

Pledge to plant 11 lakh saplings

Shree Somnath Trust has pledged to plant 11 lakh saplings in Gir-Somnath under ‘Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav’. Farmers of Gir-Somnath will be given minimum 5 or maximum 10 plants. It will comprise of 6 fruit plants, 1 bilva plant and 3 other plants.
Donation for 11 plants is ₹1100
Donation for 21 plants is ₹2100
Donation for 31 plants is ₹3100
Donation for 51 plants is ₹5100
Donation for 101 plants is ₹10100

Tree Plantation- Van Mahotsav

Shree Somnath Trust also celebrates June 5 as International Environment Day. On this day, the Trust distributes Baaltaru free of cost. In the 2007 'Van Mahotsav', the then Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi had planted a tree in 'Shri Harihar Van'. Today, Shri Harihar Forest has become a symbol of environmental conservation. This forest remains a major attraction for travellers and tourists visiting Somnath.

Environment related contribution

Bilva Van

त्रिदलं त्रिगुणकारं त्रिनेत्रं च त्र्यायुधम्। त्रिजन्म पापसंहारमेकबिल्वं शिवार्पणम् ।।

As mentioned in our ancient scriptures and religious texts, Bel Patra is an important element while worshipping Lord Shiva i.e during the Shiva Abhishek. In the month of Shravan and during Shivratri, devotees wish to worship Lord Somnath using Bel patra. Initially devotees had to bring the Bel Patra from Sasan Gir forest. The Bilva Van was established in 2001 with 750 saplings to ensure ease for devotees. Two more Bilva Vans have been established after this with 870 Bel trees. There are a total of 1320 bel trees in these three vans. As a result, devotees now get the bel patra near the Somanth temple.

Gau Seva

The first Gau Shala was started near Triveni Sangam in September 2013 by Shree Somnath Trust to spread awareness on cow rearing amongst the people. In January 2016, a new Gau Shala was constructed due to the increase in the number of cows. At present, there are two gau shalas with 134 cows. There are 46 cows, 32 heifer calves older than one year, 14 bull calves, 19 bull calves below one year, and 19 heifer calves, 2 bulls and 2 Oxen. Healthy calves are given as prasad for promotion in other gaushalas and panchayat gaushalas so that the breed and lineage of the cows keep on improving. 8 good breed cows have been donated at different places by Shree Somnath Trust.The milk from Gaushala is used for worship in temples while the remaining

milk is sold. The remaining milk, after these two processes, is used in making ghee according to Vedic rituals. In Gau Shala, the cow dung is composted into a vermicompost and used as manure. Shree Somnath Trust also organizes Gau Vigyan Seminar, Animal Competition, Gau Vansh Panchgavya Camp for cow conservation.


Shree Somnath Trust modernized the Gau Shala in December 2018. Veterinary facilities are provided at subsidized rates in 10 nearby villages. Villagers are given the knowledge on rearing animals using scientific methods. In 2017-18, medicines worth ₹25000 have been given free in Panjrapol. 425 animals have been given medical facilities till 2020.

Food donation

Food donation is the highest form of charity. Donating food at a pilgrimage is considered auspicious.

देयं भेषजमार्तस्य परिश्रान्तस्य चासनम्। तृषितस्य च पानीयं क्षुधितस्य च भोजनम्।।
Meaning: One should heal the sick, give rest to the tired, water to the thirsty and food to the hungry

Shree Somnath Trust operated Food donation
Shree Somnath Prasad Food Donation has been started by Shree Somnath Trust on 5th November 2021 as per Gujarati Panchang. Under this initiative, thousands of devotees and the needy avail food twice a day, morning and evening. Owing to the generous support of donors, 3.08 lakh people have availed food worth Rs. 7.78 crore, at of this facility as of 21 April 2022. Donations are received under the below mentioned schemes:

1. Donation amount for Tithi food Rs.11,000
2. Donation amount for single day food- Rs. 11,000
3. Donation amount of Swajan Smruti Bhojan (For a week)- Rs. 41,000
4. Donation amount for month long food- Rs.1,11,000

Ann Kshetra operated in association with Shree Somnath Trust

In January 2021, Baba Jay Guru Dev Pujya Shri Umakantji Maharaj, during a satsang, proposed the trustee of Shree Somnath Trust Shri Pravin Laheri to start Ann Kshetra. This was immediately accepted by Shree Somnath Trust. Today, the Ann Kshetra is being operated by volunteers of Baba Jay Guru Dev in the premises of Shree Somnath Temple. Around 2 lakh 60 thousand devotees have reaped its benefits.

Social, Educational and Health related services (₹10.79 crore)

Various developmental programs have been started by Shree Somnath Trust for the welfare of the local people and youth of Prabhas region.

Many services are operated at zero cost by Shree Somnath Trust as a part of their social responsibility in addition to the development of Shree Somnath pilgrim place. This includes services like medical camps, Divyang assistance camps, eye check-up camps, grain kits and distribution of protein-rich diet etc.

Shree Somnath Trust is always ready sto aid the needy during natural calamities like earthquakes, tsunami, drought and

floods. The trust aided during Corona pandemic too. In addition to providing assistance of ₹ 1 crore in government’s relief fund, the trust undertook distribution of essential kitchen items, food grains and clothes in the affected areas through a special team.

Educational Assistance (₹ 1.21 crore)

Skill Development

“Skill Development Scheme” has been initiated in association with Shree Somnath Trust and Ambuja Cement Foundation - Kodinar. Under this initiative, students of Gir-Somnath district are given training in different types of courses. A scholarship of ₹ 5000 is given in the course with fee of ₹ 8000 by Shree Somnath Trust. 1396 youth have been provided scholarship worth Rs.69.80 lakh from 2017 to 2020. Out of this, 1178 (90%) beneficiaries have also got employment. These beneficiaries also include 16 widows.

In association with 'Adani Skill Development', courses like data entry operator, beauty parlor, tailoring etc. were run in 2020-21. 70 females and 31 males have been trained.

Educational Assistance - Student Incentive (₹14 lakh)

Shree Somnath Trust encourages the children of its employees for higher studies through financial assistance (scholarship). A scholarship of ₹10,000 is provided to students pursuing education after standard 10th and ₹15,000 for students pursuing education after standard 12th.

Educational Assistance (₹ 1.21 crore)

Assistance for construction of school building (₹15 lakh)

In the year 2017-18, an assistance of ₹ 15 lakh was given to Shishu Mandir School for construction of school building.

Various Competitions

Various competitions are organized by Shree Somnath Trust in association with secondary and primary schools to bring awareness about cleanliness and water conservation among students. A total of ₹ 14 lakh have been spent by Shree Somnath Trust towards this, including awards and other expenses.

School on Wheels initiative

Computer Training Centre has been started in collaboration with Vodafone-Idea and Adani Skill Development Centre. The 'School on Wheels' bus has been supported by Vodafone-Idea. It includes seating facility for students and facilities like generator, CCTV, TV and computer system.

This bus is taken to nearby villages by 2 trainers and 1 manager of Adani Skill Development Center for computer training. 400 students of Sagarputra Foundation-Veraval are being trained in 'Digital Literacy' and Basic Computer Knowledge. With this training, there are strong possibilities of getting employment in the fields of banking, marketing, information technology, etc. The cost of this bus and training is being borne by Shree Somnath Trust.

School enrolment ceremony

During school admission, children are given school bags, water bottles, pencils, lunch boxes, etc. by Shree Somnath Trust.

Healthcare-related Services

Distribution of nutritious food to malnourished children and mothers

In 2014, Shree Somnath Trust undertook a new initiative to distribute nutrition-packed food to children and mothers in Gir-Somnath district. As part of this initiative, nutritious chikkis made from groundnut, til and jaggery were distributed, at no cost, to underprivileged children by voluntary organizations.

• From 2016 to 2020, nutritious foods like biscuits, chivda, chikki and others were distributed to extremely malnourished children in the district.
• Close to 7,100 children have been given nutritious food by Shree Somnath Trust from 2016 to 2018.
• As a result, there has been a significant rise in the haemoglobin and protein levels among the children aged up to five years.
• In 2021-22, 7,605 kg chikki was distributed to children in Sanand-Ahmedabad region and 535 kg in Kutch-Bhuj through Anganwadis.
• From 2014 to March 2022, nutritious food worth Rs 1.53 crores was distributed through Anganwadis and voluntary organizations to malnourished children.
• As a result, more than 5,000 children have come out of malnourishment.

Physiotherapy centre

It was in 2015 that Shree Somnath Trust started a physiotherapy centre for people staying in and around Somnath-Prabhas Patan. With the help of donors, modern equipment was purchased, and people could avail of physiotherapy at a very nominal fee. Till date, more than 24,000 people have benefited from this centre.

Dental and Eye Treatment Facilities

Rajkot-based Shree Ranchhoddas Bapu Charitable Hospital, with the help of Shree Somnath Trust, started eye treatment services while Divine Charitable Trust initiated dental treatment services in 2017.

People suffering from dental and eye issues can avail free treatment on the first of every month at these two facilities. Every month, close to 800 people are availing these services.

Nearly 1700 people have received free treatment for dental problems here.

Health-related Assistance

Rs 1.60 crores financial assistance for Divyangjans.

मूकं करोति वाचालं, पंगुं लंघयते गिरिम्। यत्कृपा तमहं वन्दे, परमानंद माधवम्।।

(I salute the supreme bliss, Madhava, by whose mercy the dumb become most eloquent and the lame are able to jump over the mountains)

It’s a bitter fact that nearly 3% of the country’s population suffers from some or the other disability. Disability makes the life miserable and challenging, be it theone acquired at birth or due to some illness or accident.

Divyangs need to depend on others for the entire life. They can’t get employment easily and face social neglect.

Though several welfare schemes are run for education and rehabilitation of Divyangs, there are many, especially in rural areas, who are not aware about them.

Shree Somnath Trust and Bhagwan Mahaveer Sahayata Samiti Jaipur-Ahmedabad have been working to make Divyangs self-reliant.

Let’s all resolve to work together for making lives of Divyangs better.

Three-day Mega Camp for the Disabled

In March 2016, a three-day mega camp was organized in Somanth with the help of Bhagwan Shree Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti-Jaipur. The Divyangs were fitted with Jaipur foot and wheelchairs, tricycles, crutches, hearing aids, callipers etc were given for free. A total of 2,500 Divyangs from Gujarat were given equipment worth Rs 50 lakh in this camp.

Moreover, lodging and food was provided to all those who had escorted the Divyangs. Transportation expenses were given to those who were weak financially.

From 2015 to 2017, a totalof 4,240 Divyangs were given assistance of Rs 1.60 crores in Somnath, Porbandar, Patan, Rajula, Vatrak, Mahuva, Savarkundla and Palitana where similar camps were organized.

Assistance in natural and man-made calamities

For the last two decades, Gujarat has been facing several natural and man-made calamities. The affected families were provided useful household goods, grains, clothes, school kits etc.

Shree Somnath Trust arranged for over 3,000 families of 15 villages in Banaskantha which was battered by floods.

Besides Gujarat, Shree Somnath Trust has extended help in other states too. The Trust immediately reached out with aid to families in Uttarakhand who were badly affected due to cloud burst and earthquake.

Rs 11 crore financial help during Covid-19 pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic that started in 2019 peaked in 2020 and affected most countries that clamped a lockdown to curb its spread.

In India, a lockdown was imposed from March 24, 2020 to May 31, 2020.

Small-time businessmen, rickshaw and taxi drivers, hawkers and daily wagers were badly affected due to 69 days of lockdown.

In these tough conditions, Shree Somnath Trust reached out to the needy with food and other assistance. Food arrangements were made for photographers, flower sellers, prasad, books, shells and toys, monks, beggars and the abandoned, who were all associated with the Somnath temple.

First Wave of Covid-19 Pandemic (Rs 8.73 crore)

• Financial assistance of Rs 8.73 crores was extended during the first wave of the pandemic.
• Shree Somnath Trust donated Rs. 1 crore to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund
• The 74-room Lilavati Circuit House was converted into a COVID-19 care centre for 200 days.
• Tea, coffee, snacks and meals were provided free of cost to the patients, doctors, nurses and other staff at the Covid care centre, twice a day.
• The needy, homeless and slum dwellers were given 26,205 food packets for 80 days.
• 43,270 chikkis, laddoos, bundi and gathiya and 1,709 ration kits were distributed.
• Cloth was distributed to make 15,000 masks. Ration kits were provided to 500 fishermen from other states who were stranded here.
• 125 tourists from other states stranded here were given snacks, tea and meals for both times for 75 days.
• T-shirts and caps worth Rs. 60,000 were distributed to Corona Warriors.

Financial loss caused due to closure of Somnath temple during Covid

The Somnath temple remained closed for pilgrims for 60 days during the nationwide lockdown from March 24, 2020 to May 31, 2020 and during the partial lockdown from April 11, 2021 to May 10, 2021. As a result, the income of Shree Somnath Trust was badly hit. The Trust suffered a loss of around Rs 30 crore.

Despite this situation, the humanitarian work of the Trust continued unabated.

Social Service

Helping mentally challenged and destitute people on streets (₹7.50 lakh)

Manav Seva Jeev Daya Trust worked actively to help people who are mentally challenged. The organisation provided food and other basic facilities to the destitute people wandering across the streets. Shree Somnath Trust established this organisation on March 17, 2019. For its first year after inception, Shree Somnath Trust donated essential items for survival worth ₹3.52 lakh. Overall, Shree Somnath Trust has disbursed a total assistance of ₹7.50 lakh here.

Helping Women (Over ₹4.40 lakh)

In the mass-marriage ceremony for tribal and backward castes, Shree Somnath Trust provided donation and financial assistance to daughters getting married. Besides, they are also gifted sarees during festivals like Navratri.

In a mass-marriage ceremony organised by Sant Kripa Group in 2021, Shree Somnath Trust gifted each of the 15 daughters from Valmiki caste a wardrobe, double-bed (including mattress-pillow-sheet-quilt set), chair, television, and steel pot. Around ₹3,12,340 were spent here and Sant Kripa Charitable Trust also received a financial assistance of ₹51 thousand for organising the mass-marriage.

In a mass-marriage ceremony of Koli caste held in February 2022, around 30 daughters were gifted a saree by Shree Somnath Trust. In the Navratri of October 2021, 188 girls from Valmiki community also received saree by Shree Somnath Trust.

On January 23, 2022, Kamal Seva Charitable Trust donated a total of ₹76,500 donated to 51 daughters (₹1,500 for each) during the first All Cast Mass Marriage held.

Efforts to raise Water Resources

प्र नभस्व पृथिवि भिन्द्धीदं दिव्यं नभः। उद्नो दिव्यस्य नौ धारीशानो विष्या दृतिम (अथर्व वेद /7/19/1)

भावार्थः हे धरती माता! अच्छी तरह से पानी को ग्रहण करके हल के माध्यम से खेतों की जुताई के लिए तैयार हो जाइए। हे पर्जन्य! आप दिव्य मेघ द्वारा जल वृष्टि करो।

Renovation of step-wells and water reservoir at Bawdi, Vapi (₹78 lakh)

Shree Somnath Trust has carried out the work of rejuvenating and revival of old water resources by cleaning and repairing the decades-old stepwells, and kunds at Bawdi-Vapi. During summers, availability of water becomes a very serious issue in Saurashtra. To improve the situation, 33 stepwells, 5 wells, and 3 kunds owned by Shree Somnath Trust have been renovated at a cost of ₹78,00,000 lakh.

Triveni Sangam – Dam and Water Project (Narmada Jal)

In 2010, Government of Gujarat’s Narmada division Water Resources Department, Water Supply Department, and Kalpsar Department began the construction of a dam between the river and sea near Triveni Ghat. Built at the cost of ₹22.83 crore, the state government and Shree Somnath Trust provided financial support to construct this dam.

Through this scheme, Shree Somnath Trust receives 3 MLD of drinking water every day. This dam has also brought down the salinity in the water present in the surrounding 40 villages. Initiated in 2010 and completed by 2020, this project was inaugurated on January 8, 2021 by Shri PK Lahiri, Hon'ble Trustee- Secretary of the Trust.

Shri Morarji Desai Triveni Sangam Ghat

Triveni Sangam Ghat, situated between Bhagwan Shree Somnath Temple and Dehotsarga Tirtha has mythological significance. In ancient times, there used to be a confluence of five rivers here. Over the time, the river Rajni and Nenku vanished. This importance of this place becomes further significant due to the confluence of Hiran-Kapila-Saraswati rivers at the Arabian Sea. Every year lakhs of people visit this place for salvation of their ancestors.

The ashes of Mahatma Gandhi, Shri Morarji Desai, and former Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Keshubhai Patel were also immersed at Triveni Sangam. Several rituals to worship Triveni Sangam Ghat are being performed by many pundits and scholars.

Arrangements have been made to supply potable water from Hiran Dam to guest houses and temple premises. It was inaugurated by the former Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee on October 31, 2001 to commemorate Sardar Patel’s birth anniversary.

Cleanliness Campaign- Waste Management

Cleanliness Campaign

At Bhagwan Shree Somnath Temple, several agencies provide cleaning services 24x7. As many religious rites like Pitru Vidhi and Ganesh Visarjan are held at Triveni Sangam, there is a lot of floral waste, and other garbage. Shree Somnath Trust also carries out a cleanliness drive here.

Somnath Temple was declared as 'Cleanest Iconic Place' for cleanest pilgrimage. For its cleanliness, Shree Somnath Teerth has also been honored by the Government of Gujarat with 'Clean Teerth Dham' award.

To raise awareness on cleanliness, Somnath has also been declared as 'Plastic Free Zone'. Shree Somnath Trust also organises programmes and competitions to raise the awareness about sanitation and cleanliness among the people.

Waste Management (₹2.50 crore)

A huge amount of untreated waste gets collected in the temple premises due to flowers, leaves, and other pooja leftovers offered by the devotees. To recycle this waste, Shree Somnath Trust implemented an eco-friendly waste management system in 2016. Through this system, organic manure was prepared from the waste and used as compost to grow fodder for cattles and vegetables.

Under the Government of India’s Prasad Yojana, work is being carried out to manage such waste at the cost of ₹2.50 crore. Besides this, another 240 kg of vermicompost and manure is prepared everyday through collecting the leftover food from the trust's temple, guest house, and restaurant along with flowers and other worship materials from the temples.

Second Wave of COVID-19

Life resumed after the first wave of COVID-19 from March to May 2022. However, the second wave of COVID-19 engulfed the world within a few days of first wave. Over 1 lakh cases were registered per day. The second wave was more dangerous and contagious than the first wave.  

• Shri Somanth Trust provided assistance worth Rs. 2.21 crores and other necessary facilities to the needy during the second wave.
• The Lilavati Guest House, with a capacity of 75 rooms, was converted into COVID-19 care centre for 57 days.
• Rs.50 lakh was donated for establishing oxygen plant at Prabhas Patan. The plant produces 51 oxygen cylinders every day.
• At the same time, Rs.50 lakh was also donated for an oxygen plant at Gir-Gadhada Health Centre which produces 51 oxygen cylinders a day.
• Ration kits were distributed to 1200 people.
• Tiffin services were provided to 10,954 people under home quarantine and isolation.
• Chikki and laddoos were provided to 13,592 people under home quarantine and isolation.
• Shree Somnath Trust provided 54 oxygen concentrators, 10 thousand antigen kits and 1 lakh hand gloves to frontline health workers.
• Amul kits, worth Rs.15 lakh, were distributed to frontline workers in Gir-Somnath by Shree Somnath Trust.
• The trust donated Rs. 1lakh to ‘Kala Pratishthan’ of Surat to support painters during the pandemic.

Assistance during Cyclone Tauktae

Gujarat was badly affected from 16 to 18 May, 2021, due to cyclone Tauktae, which emerged in the Arabian Sea. The cyclone swept away houses and property of the people. Shri Somanth Trust, with the support from its donors, came to the rescue of people affected due to the cyclone.
• 34,405 food packets worth ₹10.73 lakhs were distributed to children
• 15 water tanks, each with a capacity of 5000 liters, were provisioned for the people of Gir, Dhaari and Mahuva, at a cost of ₹ 3.51 lakhs
• Distribution of 19,715 cement sheets worth Rs. 1.05 crores
• Distribution of 250 supporting structures for terrace worth Rs.50 lakhs
• Distribution of 79,000 roof tubes worth Rs.9.48 lakhs
• Distribution of 583 tarapulins worth Rs.2.28 lakhs
• Distribution of 269 water barrels worth Rs. 1.88 lakhs
• Provision of clothes, food packets and shoes worth Rs. 50 lakhs for men, women and children
• Distribution of ratio kits worth Rs.7.68 lakhs to 1500 people

Assistance during floods and heavy rains (Rs. 99 lakhs)

Agricultural lands in Amreli and Radhanpur were covered with 2-3 feet of sand due to floods in 2015. This led to a 100% loss of crops in the district. Shree Somnath Trust assisted the affected farmers with necessary grains, and life supporting items worth Rs.23.55 lakhs.

Jammu and Kashmir was badly affected due to floods from Jhelum and Tavi in 2015. A Jammu-Kashmir relief camp was set up in Ahmedabad. Shree Somnath Trust provided food grains, and other items of daily use worth Rs.2.17 lakhs. 9 tehsils of North Gujarat were badly affected due to heavy rains, floods and breaking of Narmada canal. This led to waterlogging in households and accumulation of sand up to 2-3 feet in fields. Shri Somanth Trust provided assistance worth Rs.50 lakhs by supplying 1 lakh packets of dry snacks and 1 lakh packets of sweets to the affected families.

To add, the trust arranged 22,500 kg of food grains worth Rs.5 lakhs for 500 farmers and their families. Every family got 20 kg bajra, 20 kg jowar and 5 kg moong dal. Food packets worth Rs.2.60 lakhs were also distributed by the trust.